Rajiv Cera Impex
Rajiv Cera Impex


Chart of Application and Temp.
Process Temp C

Wall tiles Single Firing

1125 to 1135
Floor Tile Single Firing 1145 to 1155
Glass 580 to 700
Third Firing 700 to 1000
Double Fast Firing 1050 to 1080

User :

Different types of Frit are using in Ceramics and Glass. Selection of Frit and Glaze is depend on application and temprature.

Range :

Normally following types of Frit and Glaze are using Transperant, Transparent Glossy, Transparent Matt, ect.. Opaque, Opaque Glossy, Opaque Matt,(Zirconium Opaque or Titanium Opaque), Semi Opaque etc.. also can be customized according to customers needs. Frit for Engobe and Metallic Glaze are also available.



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